To do list management


I’m still searching for the right way to manage my action items. I kinda like the format suggested in, and I almost created a git repo, but then I realized that just one line per action item is not enough.

I think what I want is a way to get a list of action items, and a way to record history for a given action item, with dates. Make it easy to insert the current date.

Some text-based format would be nice, so that I can use git to distribute to different machines.

Notational Velocity is cool, but why not do this in Atom?


Have you seen how todo lists work in GitHub-Flavored Markdown? I’d think this would be the best method, especially if you’re thinking about distributing it with Git and want history.


It sounds like you want org-mode from emacs. I’ve been thinking about doing some sort of org-mode lite with markdown syntax. I’m not sure I’ll have the time for a few weeks though.