Tkinter download


Is downloading Activestate TCL the right way to for a GUI / I have both windows 7 & mac 10.10.3

thanks for your help


This forum is for discussion about the editor Atom and the Javascript application framework Electron. There’s no guarantee that you will find someone with expertise in writing GUIs for Python. I suggest that you look for Python-oriented communities. Your question is also very short. When you find the people who can help you, your chance of getting a helpful response will increase if you explain in more detail precisely what you intend to achieve. This will allow your helpers to make specific recommendations tailored to your situation.



I agree with my friend @DamnedScholar.

Tkinter would be a logical choice, but it is not the only or easiest choice.
Perhaps look at the notes: []

Another idea to look at (for “learning”, it is not my recommendation) ->

It is best that you ask further question in a forum that handles Python GUI type questions.

Good luck.