Title bar file path display


Hi Team,
Once a file in Windows has been opened with “Open with Atop” from the drop-down, the Title bar always displays the path of that folder.

Even if multiple files from different folders are open within one Atom window in different tabs, when moving from one file to the next, the path in the title bar doesn’t change. Only the file name does.

Don’t you feel it’s better for the path to reflect the path of the file currently being viewed?



The way Atom was designed to work originally is that you open a project that is rooted at a particular folder (like the root of a Git repository). From there you edit files within the project. So the title bar displays the path to the project and the status bar at the bottom displays the path to the file relative to the project. (Or, when the file does not exist within the project, it displays the absolute path to the file.)

These definitions are changing though. So this may be redesigned along with that.

Also, I believe @postcasio had a package at one point that allowed you to rewrite the title bar text however you wanted?


Any more information on this? I have a similar use case where I may be working on a handful of files in different folders and displaying the true folder path in the title bar would be useful to me.


If you’re editing files all over and don’t really have a “project”, the status bar displays the full path if I recall correctly.


I couldn’t easily figure out how to use atom without a “project” being set. As such, I ended up using the custom-title widget written by @postcasio (which you mentioned in a previous comment) to achieve what i wanted.


Hi. I looking at the plugin you metnioned, but I don’t know how to setup properly to show me the Project of the file I am editing.

BEst regards