Tip: Preview markdown in external Okular

[markdown preview]

I am just documenting this tip I realise works nicely.
I use Markdown Preview Enhanced extensively to preview and publish created markdown content. But this uses a side panel taking up space while I am using the editor.
The preview tab can be closed but it is a fiddly workflow.

Instead I have added a custom command to process-palette which opens the markdown file in Okular (on Ubuntu) to be previewed and exported in different formats.

Here is the custom process settings clip at end of $HOME/.atom/process-palette.json. This runs command okular {fileAbsPath} and places a Run Okular tab in top menu bar. Same idea used for Run Python, Run Java etc.

markdown-preview-enhanced is still used for advanced rendering options. Okular (which uses Kate editor) just adds a quick view option while editing markdown.

  "namespace": "process-palette",
  "action": "run-okular",
  "command": "okular",
  "arguments": [{fileAbsPath}],
  "cwd": null,
  "inputDialogs": [],
  "env": {},
  "keystroke": null,
  "stream": true,
  "outputTarget": "panel",
  "outputBufferSize": 80000,
  "maxCompleted": 3,
  "autoShowOutput": true,
  "autoHideOutput": false,
  "scrollLockEnabled": false,
  "singular": false,
  "promptToSave": true,
  "saveOption": "none",
  "patterns": [
  "successOutput": "{stdout}",
  "errorOutput": "{stdout}\n{stderr}",
  "fatalOutput": "Failed to execute : {fullCommand}\n{stdout}\n{stderr}",
  "startMessage": null,
  "successMessage": "Executed : {fullCommand}",
  "errorMessage": "Executed : {fullCommand}\nReturned with code {exitStatus}\n{stderr}",
  "fatalMessage": "Failed to execute : {fullCommand}\n{stdout}\n{stderr}",
  "menus": [
  "startScript": null,
  "successScript": null,
  "errorScript": null,
  "scriptOnStart": false,
  "scriptOnSuccess": false,
  "scriptOnError": false,
  "notifyOnStart": false,
  "notifyOnSuccess": true,
  "notifyOnError": true,
  "input": null