Tip: How to stop Atom from always opening in dev mode


Posting this in case anyone runs into the same problem:

Recently Atom started to always open in dev mode (I.e. it shows a red square in the lower left corner of the Atom window) for me and I couldn’t figure out how to get back to normal mode.

I tried restarting Atom, and I also tried File > New Window… but always got dev mode. Finally I figured out that if I first closed all exiting window, then File > New Window… would open a new window in normal mode.

I think this is what is happening:

  1. Dev mode is part of window serialization state.
  2. Now that Atom always restores (Yeah I like that!) your previous window state dev mode sticks around even if you relaunch Atom.
  3. Also when you do File > New Window… and have an existing window open with dev mode enabled the new window will also be in dev mode… making dev mode really stick around.

The solution to getting out of dev mode is to close all window, then do File > New Window… and you’ll be back to normal mode.

Can't Figure out how to Exit Dev Mode

This is most likely not intended. Would you mind opening an Issue to not serialize Dev Mode or Safe Mode state? And please post a link to the bug here?