Timeline On Windows and Linux Betas?


+1 for Linux! (+0.5 for windows, I do use it occasionally)


I think you all can stop +1 posting this. I think it’s pretty obvious that the demand for both Windows and Linux versions is there; and it’s also very likely that both will be released soon-ish (remember that the beta just opened a few hours ago).

If you want to express your desire for either, you can just “like” the first post to put additional weight on the thread. Spamming +1 posts however is not really constructive…


+1 Linux and Windows!


+1 Windows! This has gotten me really excited, and then crushingly disappointed me when I realized the windows client doesn’t exist yet.


+1 for linux support!


Another +1 for Linux!


+1 for linux support!



We want atom on the all platforms.


+1 on linux and + 1 on windows for the trifecta of good thangsss!


+1 for Windows and Linux, but -1 for Mac :slight_smile:


+1 for a Linux version.


Cross-platform support is definitely in the plans. We’ve spent some time working on it, but at this point, fixing bugs and incorporating feedback from the Mac-only beta is as about as much as we can handle. This is very important to us, but we can’t offer a precise timeline.

Access to FTP servers
Atom for Ubuntu
When will windows and linux versions will launch?
From Happy to Sad :(
Linux Release is coming?
Windows beta or gamma version somewhere?
For others platform?
Windows Atom Support
When Atom Beta for linux is going to be out? Cant want to get invited! If its out or ready please invite me
So excited to get my invite. Then realize no Windows version :(

++windows … I own a Mac and use it when @ home, but I do C/C++ Windows developing @ work and using atom would be cool


+1 for Linux!!! Please consider speeding it up!


I was very excited to learn about Atom and I rushed to sign-up to receive a beta key. I just got one from a colleague of mine who somehow had an extra. It wasn’t until after I attached the beta key to my GitHub account that I realized it was currently only available for Mac. :frowning:

Unfortunately, I don’t even have access to a Mac machine to try Atom on. If I would have known that it was Mac only, I would have made sure my friend gave his extra key to someone who could actually utilize it.

They should really put a warning of some kind on the home page notifying people that it is currently only available for Mac.

Edit: Sorry for my original message being a “reply to”, I clicked the wrong “reply button”


Linux please!! I got in on the beta just to realize mac only.


windows–; // jk :slight_smile:


1+ for windows and linux!


+1 for Ubuntu please.


Guys I think we are good on the whole posting +1 thing now. If you want to show support for something, use the like button under each post.

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