Timeline On Windows and Linux Betas?


Just a general guideline… like weeks or months? Really want to get hacking on it everywhere!

Windows Version
Linux support when?
What about other than OSX systems?
Timeline on Windows and Linux build
Got beta but no Windows version?
Atom for Windows
When Atom become available on Linux and Windows?
Is there a Windows version planned?
How do I download and install Atom?

I do development on Linux, Windows, and OS X, so the sooner I can get a good workflow on all of those environments, the better!


Another Windows user here! Just wanted to chime in and express my interest in a Windows ETA. This looks very promising.


Another Linux and Windows user - can’t wait to try across platforms


And another +1 for Windows.


Another +1 for Windows. This looks awesome.


+1 for Linux, really was excited to try it :frowning:


Add another +1 for Windows too


+1 for Windows & Linux!


+1 for windows and linux


+1 for windows and linux,

I am poor and I cannot afford a mac. seriously.


+1 for Linux… heavy linux user here


Linux all the way. If it’s node-webkit the port to Linux shouldn’t be much of a problem, or?


Also +1 for Windows. Was not aware it was Mac only when I asked for beta invite. Now I am disappointed.


If there is a Mac version, I hope Linux one will be shipped faster. :slight_smile:


+1 for Linux. Also please dont only make .deb packages I use Fedora


+1 Linux (+0.5 Windows :D)


+1 Linux +0.66 for Windows, if you would open source it, I bet that community would jump on this right now


+1 for windows version! can’t wait to try this out!


+1 Linux
and also would there be an Atom web app? GitHub and all?