Think a built-in script interpreter could work?


I’m thinking of something like another panel that runs scripts (or previews HTML, or whatever) and a run button. You know, so you can test Python or JS before you actually save it. Kinda like Jetbrains Python IDE, but as an Atom pack.


I think there are one or more packages that do this already.


Atom-Runner package does this. You can interpret multiple language types (and extensible), including JS and Python.
You can select part of a script and run the selection to test it.


Oh, okay I’ll look for those. I did try a couple of them, but they seem to be old, because they use depreciated code. I’ll try the Runner one though, thanks.


Definitely, this is something I’ve been working on too. :> The runner package is ill-suited to what I want - which would be more like, a scripts scratchpad for generating / modifying code on the fly, injecting scripts into the web-browser ( @mark_hahn ) and live coding sorta like codepen. i’ve had that in the cards for a while now.

other possible features:

  • flexible / dynamic addition of scripts to menu bars.
  • exports of scripts to atom packages (snippets -> function collections / domain specific generators & templates)
  • augmentation of existing functionality in websites.

i have most of the code in mind complete already so if anyone expresses interest i’ll doubletime it on the dev of that :stuck_out_tongue: