Things I disliked in atom



I am using brackets and atom. There are a few things I disliked in atom. I want to list it here. Apparently, I found these things in brackets.

  1. multi-line comments. Pressing CTRL+SHIFT+/ didn’t worked out.
  2. When I checkout the previous GIT version of a file, the changes doesn’t reflect.
  3. The feature I liked for the most in brackets is ‘Working Files’ section which put only the working files.
  4. If I added two projects in a window, there is no way to close that project except I could Remove Project Folder and add it again.

  1. Multi-line comments: Adding mult line comment cmd-shift-/
    This is one you might have to add yourself. That said, ctrl-(cmd on mac)/ works well for single line comments, and will even put or remove a single line comment per line if you have a selection.
  2. Changes to files not reflected: Were you checking out the previous version on the command line? Either way, this has always worked for me. Whenever I click back into atom, the file updates.
  3. Working files: I’m not sure exactly what “working files” are. If you mean the files you currently have open, atom has tabs for that. You can switch tabs with the fuzzy finder using ctrl-(or cmd)b
  4. Project management: By “close that project” do you mean close all open files from that folder? If so, do you have a better workflow to suggest for it? If I have two folders added to the tree-view in a single window, it means I’m interested in working with both projects at once. Otherwise I’d have a window per project.

Disclaimer: I’ve never used brackets, so I don’t know much about it.

  1. Putting single line comment for multi-lines doesn’t look good, moreover it’s not a best practices to follow.
  2. When I did ‘git merge’ the changes were not reflected in atom until and unless I removed project folder and added again. Where as in brackets it reflected immediately. I think that’s a temporary problem, now it’s working fine.
  3. See this picture, In brackets, you will have a section called ‘Working Files’, you can push the only files you want to work upon. I felt it’s really cool
  4. Project Management: If you see in eclipse, if you open multiple projects, then doing operations like searching,find and replace etc, include all the projects. Instead, what you can do in eclipse is, you can close the project, which means project won’t be removed from workspace. If you want to work on it again, just double click on it, it will open. I don’t find similar feature in atom. I know ‘Remove Project Folder’ option is there. But, I have to add again if I need it.

I used sublime text. It pretty fast. But, it’s not open-source. I love open-source things. Currently I am using atom and brackets for my different projects. The common thing that sucks in both is If I didn’t use them for long time(say 2 hours) and switch to it, It won’t respond for 30sec. The reason for this is they both built upon nodejs?

  1. I found 2 packages that seem to do what you describe and I never tested them since I don’t have any use for this feature.
  2. I don’t think Atom should behave like this and it sounds like it since you don’t see it any more.
  3. Sounds like an interesting feature and has an open issue with many comments, there is also a package which sounds like this but it’s not updated for long and has no images. No clue if it even works.
  4. I have seen this requested/asked about many times on this board lately. I think you should post a comment in describing this feature.



Thank you very much for the references. I will go through them, I will put the comment if necessary. What do you think about the quoted line below.


I love open source things too. When I decided what editor to use I did not even try sublime. Simply because sublime was screaming pay for me and Atom was screaming customize me in the first impression I got.
I have never experienced big performance issues like what you describe. I leave Atom on over night and when I come back in the morning it is as responsive as always. Do you see this when running Atom in safe mode? Otherwise one of you installed community packages might be causing this problem. I have had problems with lag when switching to Atom caused by community packages.


I have minimized/closed atom and come back 10 minutes, 30 minutes, 1 hour, 2 hours, 4 hours, 8 hours later. If I left it running, it never takes any time at all to come back up. If I closed it, it takes the usual startup time (somewhere around 2-5 seconds).

Granted, I have pretty beefy laptop hardware, but I am surprised that you are seeing 30 seconds to responsiveness. Can you reproduce it using atom --safe at the command line? It may be that one of the packages you have is doing something processor or memory intensive. It’s also possible that the indexing is taking a long time if you have a lot of (or large) projects open.

I also love open source. It’s awesome to know that I can go see how things work in atom, at my option.


I will try to reproduce that with atom --safe tomorrow morning. I tried to debug that by opening devtools, I found a few issues, I will put that screenshot tomrrow so that you can look into that.


Oh My God!!! I can’t believe atom is very fast with atom --safe . I don’t know which package is slowing down. But when I got to ~/.atom/packages I have observed the following. You can see that atom-beautify is occupying the highest space of 117MB. is that the main reason for the lag? If not, how could I debug and find out.

for x in l:
… subprocess.Popen([‘du’,’-sh’,os.path.join(path,x)])

68K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/block-comment
6.3M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/atom-html-preview
9.2M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/atom-css-comb
172K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/atom-visual-studio-code-light-ui
32K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/xcode-theme
17M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/emmet
244K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/highlight-selected
616K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/file-icons
20M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/script
1.1M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/linter
244K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/javascript-snippets
44K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/github-atom-light-syntax
104K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/br4ckets-light
14M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/atom-live-server
56K /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/open-in-browser
7.5M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/git-plus
6.7M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/minimap
117M /home/lokesh/.atom/packages/atom-beautify


Easiest way to debug and find out that I know of is to just disable packages in the settings-view until the problem disappears. There is a package-cop package that helps finding problematic packages by disabling them.


Atom has a built in time cop package, which shows you how much time in milliseconds each package took to load. It’s under one of the main menus, I forget which one.


The lag is not atom problem. I have only 4GB RAM, always minimum 1-2 GB of swap space is being used. As swap space has response time in milli seconds, that causing atom to lag. Let me try in another system of same specs but with 8 GB RAM.