Things I could drop, to turbo boost Atom


Atom is fast! But sometimes it doesn’t feel very fast. Especially when some massive Docker and a browser with 100 tabs is hogging all the laptops resources.

There are a bunch of things that Atom always loads when I start, that I might be able to live without.
For example, I almost never ever use the left-pane file explorer. If I disable that will Atom become 15% faster?

Ideally, I’d like to see a list of features, that can be disabled, that are sorted by “weight” .

What about getting a list of all packages, sorted by “Xms to startup time”? At the moment I only know to click into the settings of each package and looking at the startup time milliseconds number.


Hello Peter,

Timecop is a package that can give you some detail feedback on the startup behaviour.
01_start timecop

This does not give you an idea of what the running experience will be. To demonstrate I have two startup scenarios on a portable installation.

  1. Some packages already disabled. (mainly language packages)

  2. Only minimum enabled… as required to write some Markdown text but still do that in style (ie. Typewriter).

The tree structure on the left is the tree-view package. For scenario 2 this one is also disabled.

In my opinion you can disable all the program language (grammar) packages that you do not need. The autocomplete and beautify packages work very hard, but would probably not make sense to disable. ~unless those are connected to a grammar you do not use (ex. autocomplete-css).

Browse through Settings > Packages and experiment.
Do keep these system related packages:

  • command-pallet
  • notifications
  • settings-view
  • status-bar

Please let us know what you found.