Thicker indent guides for retina displays?


Hi There, is it possible to make the indent guides ticker so they show up better on retina displays?

Any pointers in the right direction would be much apprecieted.


I thought I might be able to colour the indent guides lighter but do Atom css changes override a theme?

I tried this from another post but couldn’t get it to work (tried restarting Atom and !important etc)
// Style indent guides lighter for retina displays
.editor .indent-guide {
color: white;

.editor .indent-guide:last-child {
    color: white;


Your original question was around making the indent guides thicker. Here’s how you can do that:

atom-text-editor, atom-text-editor::shadow {
  .indent-guide {
    box-shadow: inset 5px 0;


Awesome - thanks heaps!