There was a problem launching the program using a script

When I run the program in Python or C ++, the program does not run and incomprehensible, unreadable characters are written, what to do without a clue!

This looks like a character encoding issue.

  • Are there other languages installed other than English (US)?
  • Did you make new files or are those copies made from another PC?

For your review:
Encoding issues
Printing æøå in Python3 crashes

On the status bar there is the indicator “UTF-8”.
Click on this to change the encoding type.
Play with various settings and see if there is any change.

I assume you do not like using the external editor via process-pallet?

PS: Consider exploring the closed ‘issues’ listed
in the script project (



Recommended web search words:
character encoding site:

I changed the encoding anyway, shows strange characters, I want to run the program in the editor itself because it is comfortable, but such errors interfere.
Files created new

You show two code views in the picture - one for C++ and other for Python. The problem in the picture is that only C++ has been executed with script. Python was not executed.

I have installed on test base:

  • Atom Beta (portable)
  • script package
  • Python
  • C++ (MinGW)

Repeating your tests (from the picture) on my PC -

  • Python runs without problems
  • C++ has error but the error in in readable text

The problem with C++ and script has been identified also.
The file that is the problem is located

From line 93:
(line in red is replaced by green)

          if GrammarUtils.OperatingSystem.release().split('.').slice -1 >= '14399'
-           # filepath = path.posix.join.apply(path.posix, [].concat([filepath.split(path.win32.sep)[0].toLowerCase()], filepath.split(path.win32.sep).slice(1))).replace(':', '')
+           filepath = path.posix.join.apply(path.posix, [].concat([filepath.split(path.win32.sep)[0].toLowerCase()], filepath.split(path.win32.sep).slice(1)))
-           # "g++ -std=c++14 #{options} -include iostream /mnt/#{filepath} -o /tmp/cpp.out && /tmp/cpp.out"
+           "g++ -std=c++14 #{options} -include iostream #{filepath} -o /tmp/cpp.out && /tmp/cpp.out"

You will have problems still, even if you correct the script package in this way. Consider forcing the character encoding inside the CPP file with a piece of c++ code.

I basically want to program in Python, I gave an example of C ++ after I did what you said, an error in C ++ came out in Python, everything was still as in the picture as I threw off

I could not reproduce the situation you demonstrate.
Consider asking the script package maintainers via an issue on their Github project.