there is an error [validatequotemarks]

Title of the document //i use atom editor. in alert ("hello") there is an error [validatequotemarks] // invalid quote mark js also same error //how to solve this? help me


Can you please edit your post to make the question and context more clear? I don’t understand anything you’ve said.


when i do javascript program there is an error [validatequotemarks] invalid quote mark found.
but notepad editor don’t display any errors therefor what the problem in atom?


Atom doesn’t “do” an kind of JavaScript program (unless you’re writing a package for Atom, in which case the comparison to notepad doesn’t make much sense).

You need to say what package you’re using to run the script with, and give us an example of the actual script (that someone can potentially run themselves).

Make sure you paste your example between backticks, like shown here

<paste here>