There are some stripes in the prompt area while typing


As is shown in the screenshot,there are some stripes in the prompt area while typing.It’s really frustrating!


Does this happen in safe mode? (Open Atom from the command line with atom --safe.)


It doesn’t happen in safe mode.I guess that safe mode means running without plugins.Maybe there are some plugins that are not compatible with my OS.I disabled plugins one by one and solved this problem!Thank you so much:-)

The plugin “atom-beautify” seems to be incompatible with Ubuntu 16.04.


That’s highly irregular. It mystifies me why a formatting package would cause a rendering error in a popup created by the autocomplete package.

Do you have confirmation for this, or are you assuming that OS incompatibility is the only reason why a package could cause undesired behavior? I haven’t found any open issues.


Maybe I need more tests to confirm it.