Theory: GitHub gets paid by Apple


I’m actually thinking about buying myself a MacBoo Pro Retina just for the sake of being able to use the Atom Beta. (With student discout its 1.299€ for my configuration, - whatever I could get for my Lenovo X230.)

I think this is what they intended all along, being paid by Apple (either $ or free/reduced hardware).

You have been exposed!



Dangit! How do I get in on this? I need a rMBP! :laughing:


Ironically perhaps it’s not the most Mac-friendly app on my Mac… Cross-platform or platform-agnostic apps are often slightly “muted” with regards to their support for native technologies. This isn’t a complaint, more like an observation - and things may change as the beta progresses.


What do you mean? Student discount?

I’m from germany and I have an offer for the i5/256gb/8gb 13" rMBP version (new) for 1.299 €, pretty fair price I suppose. Just don’t have the money yet. :-/

Or what were you refering to?


I was joking :smile:


Haha - actually I was at a Ruby conference recently and thought for a second that I saw a PC in the audience. I was wrong.