Theming javascript: '/' operator


it’s not possible to style the ‘/’ operator?
shouldn’t the ‘/’ be wrapped by a:

<span class="keyword operator js"></span>

dev mode code:

<span class="source js">
<span class="storage modifier js">var</span> 
<span class="keyword operator js">=</span> 
<span class="meta brace round js">(</span>
<span class="meta delimiter method period js">.</span>
<span class="support constant js">length</span> 
<span class="constant numeric js">5</span>
<span class="meta brace round js">)</span> 
<span class="keyword operator js">*</span> 
<span class="constant numeric js">10</span>
<span class="punctuation terminator statement js">;</span>

js code:

var tp = (obj.length / 5) * 10;



You could file a bug on the language-javascript package.


actually there is a ticket there about that already… a few hours earlier than my post.
thanks for the reply.