Themes with a dark background have a block of lighter background


I asked this question on the Atom subreddit and no one seemed to have any ideas. Someone suggested this might be a bug but I doubt it.

With any theme with a dark background (both community themes and pre-installed ones), there’s this really awkward block of lighter background on the right side of the editor window. The size or shape of it will be slightly different depending on the theme but it’s basically the same. Hopefully the image illustrates the problem. What’s also interesting is if I move the mouse over the teal line underneath “prog1.c” (near the top), the light spaces will flicker and become the same color as the rest of the background. But then they immediately change back to the light color.

I don’t know if it’s supposed to be this way or if I’ve done something wrong. What I’m showing you is a fresh install of Atom after I decided to see if reinstalling would fix it. I know that I could just use a lighter theme but it hurts my eyes unless I’m in a very bright room. Oh and by the way, the theme I’m using in the image is gloom. I don’t know if that’s important. Thank you in advanced.


There is a FAQ post for this problem here:


Oh thank you! I did try searching for “background” but everything was related to themes themselves. Sorry for the trouble.


No trouble at all. I have problems finding those FAQ posts even when I know what to search for :grinning: