Theme with bright tab text full time


Just starting with and am looking for a theme in which the tab text is ALWAYS bright?

Atom Dark Theme is nice, except that the tab text goes almost unreadable for the non-active tabs… ie, I can’t read the text in the tab if it isn’t highlighted.

And no, I have absolutely no experience with css, so figuring out how to change it, will probably, take more time than
I have available.



You can put this in your styles.less:

.tab-bar .tab {
  color: #e0e0e0!important;

  &.active {
    color: #ffffff!important;

You can change the colors to suit your specific needs. The !important makes sure that the rules apply no matter what theme you’re using.


Either I put the styles.less file in the wrong place or it didn’t work.


styles.less should be in the ~/.atom folder


what do you think about tab highlighting using glows?

Here is my un-released steampunk theme Neon Pirate, based on top of one-dark ui .