Theme update cannot be found by apm


I recently released an upgrade to my theme, but neither atom nor apm can find the update, even though the update shows up correctly on the website.

$ apm list
C:\Users\Philippe\.atom\dev\packages (...)
└── base16-syntax@0.2.0
C:\Users\Philippe\.atom\packages (...)
└── base16-syntax@0.1.2
$ apm upgrade
Package Updates Available (0)
└── (empty)

In Dev Mode I use the git repo, while in normal mode I use the stable, released version.

I thought that somehow this way of working confused apm, but unlinking the git repo seems to have no effect, apm upgrade still comes up with an empty result.

I wonder if apm keeps a cache somewhere, thinking I have an up-to-date version based on the (now temporarily unlinked) Dev Mode version. Or perhaps this is totally unrelated and there is something else wrong?


Where is the Dev Mode version actually stored?


It’s location on disk is C:\Users\Philippe\Development\Atom\base16-syntax and linked to dev using apm link --dev.
I am using a manual install of Atom (C:\Applications\Atom). It occurs in both 0.145.0 and 0.146.0. I have not tried to downgrade to a previous version.


As an experiment, try this:

  1. Close all instances of Atom
  2. Move the ~/.atom/storage directory somewhere else, perhaps ~/.atom/storage-backup
  3. Try upgrading again


You have this in your package.json:

"engines": {
   "atom": "0.134.0"

Try this instead:

"engines": {
   "atom": ">= 0.134.0"

You are telling apm to only install the package if the Atom version is 0.134.0. You could even do
"atom": "*" since the theme shouldn’t rely on a Atom version.


Actually, themes are going to need to undergo some changes due to the switch to custom elements. See here for details:


Doh, thanks @dsandstrom! I had the asterisks before, but since I added a drop down menu in the settings I wanted to make sure the update wouldn’t be installed on an Atom version that doesn’t support it.

Thanks @leedohm, I’ll keep an eye on it.