Theme suddenly stopped working - <Solved>


Hi, I am now to Atom… New to programming too so…:sweat_smile: bear with my ignorance.
I installed a couple of user made themes. “City-lights-syntax” and “Autumn-Highlighter-Syntax” and started doing some very beginner type HTML and CSS coding. When I got to line 178, the colors of the theme changed and I can’t figure out how to get them back so they will match the upper part of the doc.
I have reinstalled each theme and restarted Atom in the hopes that this would fix it but :disappointed_relieved: no luck…
So, what did I do wrong? It’s not really that important, I know but the colors help me to keep track of where my code is going and the difference between the color schemes is slowing me down…
I would appreciate anyone’s assist an this and I have attached a screenshot of where the break in themes happened.
Thanks again :tired_face:


I found the error… thanks anyway.