Theme Request: General Assembly Dash


Hey, guys

Can anyone can re-create the syntax theme from General Assembly’s IDE?
I’ve included some snippets from some completed projects to give you an idea of the color scheme.


You could try searching around for a Textmate or Sublime Text theme that matches this, I imagine it would exist. Upon finding one, you can convert it to an Atom theme with a single command in your terminal. What OS do you run Atom on?


That’s a good idea.
I’ve been through many Sublime Text themes and couldn’t find anything close to what I’m looking for, but now I’ll search for Textmate themes for any close matches.

I’m running Atom on Windows 8.1. It’s great! Fell in love with it instantly.


On Windows 8.1 I’m not sure if it’s as easy to convert a theme as it is for Linux/OS X, if you do find the theme and don’t manage to convert it yourself just let me know, I’ll handle the conversion for you.


Well, thanks, but I’ve settled on Tomorrow Night-Eighties instead.
It’s close enough but with minor discrepancies.

Really, I just want to change minor things like have the units of measure displaying in a different color. Like where it says padding: 10px I’d simply change the px to another color.