Theme gets published as a package


I can’t publish my syntax theme as a theme. :scream:
When I run the command apm publish 0.0.0 it registrates the upload as a package not as a theme.
I unpublished and published it again, but it always said “Version not changed”, but this is another problem.
In the package.json is the tag “theme”, so I don’t know why it’s not getting published as a theme.
What am I doing wrong? :weary:
Thanks for any help. :grinning: :de:

Atom syntax-theme gets published as a package

Does it actually show up under package (rather than themes) or is it just an apm dialog that’s confusing you?


Yes, it does get published like a package. I called the theme darcade-syntax and you can find it here as a package directly on the top.


I don’t know why that’s happening. Everything looks correct to my eyes.


I don’t see anything wrong either. Could it be caused by the unusual choice of releasing it as v0.0.0?

PS: If you want to get people’s attentions for your theme, I strongly suggest adding a screenshot (see my screenshot tips)


Yes, that’s my problem. Everythink looks right, but it works wrong.
I also tried to publish it under other versions and it hadn’t worked.


I will add an screenshot later, when it works :wink:


I solved this issue by reinstalling Ubuntu.



I have exactly the same problem. My theme get’s published as a package.
The link is here:

Description, screenshot and all that has also not been picked up.

I did get an error message while publishing:

Publishing eastend-ui@v0.1.0 ** Message: Remote error from secret service: org.freedesktop.DBus.Error.ServiceUnknown: The name org.freedesktop.secrets was not provided by any .service files

This might be at least part of the problem.


Solved now after adding this line to the .bashrc and and bit of fiddeling around

export ATOM_ACCESS_TOKEN=__UuMa.....


Great to see several solutions here. I can’t remember the exact steps I tried to resolve it but ultimately, I found it easier to switch from my usual Kubuntu to elementary OS in order to publish.