How to download themes,fonta,packages manualy and instal it manualy


Fonts are installed in your operating system. If you want help with that, you have to share with us what OS you use. For themes and packages, there are two ways:

  1. APM is a command-line tool that can be used to install a package from the package registry with apm install [package name]. It’s that simple.

  2. If you want to install a package from its source (such as if you have a cloned git repo), you can enter the directory and execute apm install with no package name, then apm link, which will create a symbolic link between the directory and your .atom/packages directory. You can alternatively use apm link -d to set up a package for development that will only activate when you open Atom in dev mode.

See apm help for more information.


heay i want manual method not any package mamager


If the package you’re trying to install has any dependencies, you’re going to need to use APM. If it doesn’t, just having the source directory or a symlink to it in .atom/packages or .atom/dev/packages is sufficient.


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