Theme changed with update from 1.29 to 1.32


Hello everyone,

I just updated Atom from 1.29 to 1.32 and the built-in one-light-syntax theme changed colors for some reason. I’d like to keep the colors I had in 1.29 but have no idea how I can do that (preferably in an easy way, because I’m more of a use-as-available user than someone developing themes and other atom features).

Any help is highly appreciated, because I really got used to one-light and can’t handle different colors right now :wink:

Thanks in advance!

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It’s not the theme, it’s the underlying grammars providing information for the theme to use.

Toggle Settings ➔ Core ➔ Use Tree Sitter Parsers


Fantastic! Just clicking a checkbox was the easy way I was looking for, thanks a lot, Aerijo!

Out of curiosity: What am I missing out by disabling Tree Sitting parsers? What is it?


The grammar is the package (normally called language-*) the provides information about the text in a file. One use is syntax highlighting, but there are other applications like code folding, indentation, autocompletion, etc., that all can benefit from this information.

What happened is Atom is moving to a newer way to write grammars. The new way (Tree sitter) has potential to be much more useful for this kind of thing, and is also faster than the current (TextMate) grammars (though you probably won’t realise unless you have massive files / long lines).

Currently, you would not notice much of a difference. However, as more work is put into supporting and developing Tree sitter grammars, you will miss out on these new features and improvements. Fixes to TextMate grammars will likely be neglected, unless a community member provides the PR, it’s serious, or it’s a simple fix.

The most recent update (1.32.0) switched Tree sitter to be enabled by default (it was present in several earlier versions, but disabled by default).


Thanks for the detailed answer!
So for the moment I don’t care about Tree Sitter then. However, if it becomes relevant in the future, I don’t see why it should change colors of a theme. That sounds not very intuitive. I just hope there will be a fix for that (theme migration or something like that maybe…).
Nothing I will worry about for now :wink:


That is a bit open for debate. See the (closed) Github issue linked to by this topic:
Error with syntax colouring

It boils down to it that the Tree Sitter Parser might ‘fix’ issues that existed for a long while.

It is however very possible that problems will come up with the changed method. So any informative and constructive comments will make the transition so much smoother.



This is very good in general, but I want to see my old color theme.
If enable Use Tree Sitter Parsers, theme colors are changed :frowning:
Please, fix it :pray:


Some samples would be most welcome.
Please be as specific as you can be.

In my humble opinion - I have seen colour changes also
(on portions where there was not issues)
…those were actually better and more accurate than before.