The terrible state of file Encoding on Atom


Atom currently has no way to convert a file encoding. This is the reason why I have yet to make this my default text editor, as I work with numerous types of different encodings.

The current community packages are disorganized, heavily fragmented, and reflect only a very small subset of the possible encodings:

  • auto-encoding: a must have, because Atom doesn’t even try to automatically guess the file encoding.
  • convert-to-utf8: is a misleading name of a package that does perform conversion, but only from a few asian-based languages and only to UTF-8
  • convertToUtf8Plus: Is another misleading package that doesn’t explain exactly what it does and only says it is a fork of the previous package. (the downside of allowing community unchecked access to the package store)
  • ansi-to-utf8: is likewise limited by performing only some ANSI conversions and again only to UTF-8

Frankly, the state of file encoding in Atom is disappointing and a major deal breaker to me in particular. And I cannot understand why this is so, when we see support for different encodings appear on major editors anywhere since day 1.

Are there any plans to provide a more consistent and adequate support to file encoding (detection and proper conversion) in Atom core? Something that can at least approximate the same functionality in ST?


Because I was totally agree with the missing encoding support in Atom, I decided to develop a package to let user convert file encoding, based on convert-to-utf8, but from and to more encoding (will be improve).