The terminal doesn't allowed me to type


I am using Atom for first time. I am planning to use only for Polymer (verrsions 1, 2 and 3). I know it may seem a silly question but I really didn’t find anything around to answer my question: I press Alt + T and then I see a terminal opened but no matter what I try type it doesn’t work at all. Just as analogy, I want similar idea when I type Control ` in Visual Studio Code. I mean, I want an internal terminal like windows prompt (PS. I am using Windows in case it matter).


Have you installed a terminal package?


Aerijo, I believe the command bellow shows all I have installed so far

C:\Users>apm list --installed --bar
Community Packages (7) C:\Users\my-user.atom\packages
├── atom-terminal@0.8.0
├── busy-signal@1.4.3
├── intentions@1.1.5
├── linter@2.2.0
├── linter-polymer@0.0.3
├── linter-ui-default@1.7.1
└── terminal-plus@0.14.5


Looks like an issue with terminal-plus reported by quite a few people?

If it is an issue with the package, you can always try another one e.g.:


What is the process for marking a package as deprecated or unmaintained so that people don’t waste their time installing the by-far-the-most-popular-but-evidently-broken terminal package?