The return key doesn't work!


Hi evreybody,
I can not use the “return” key, so I can not write to multiple online.
What is the problem?
(I shut down and restart Atom … nothing works !)

A french guy.


Well, french guy, buddy, mon ami… can you give us some more information?
Or maybe a gif animation if that helps.

Can you try opening in safe mode: atom --safe and see if the problem persists?


I have nothing productive to add to this thread yet but I must say, the A french guy sig really got me lol


Thanks for helping me.
atom --safe give me this:

the return key works fine but the colors cheme is defective…


When you ran atom --safe it disabled all third-party packages, including your custom themes. If you switch back to the default themes … you’ll be able to see things.

Also, it would appear that one of your packages is to blame for the Return key not working. What packages did you install recently?


Many ! themes, packages, and I can’t tell whitch is the last instaled… perhaps autocomplete +, snipet and path…
I’m new to Atom, so I installed lot of things, try my own css file…

atom -t give me this:

atom -t    

[1653:0819/170150:INFO:CONSOLE(92)] “Download the React DevTools for a better development experience:”, source: /Applications/ (92)
[1653:0819/170157:INFO:CONSOLE(85)] “Uncaught Error: write EBADF”, source: events.js (85)
[1653:0819/170157:INFO:CONSOLE(85)] “Uncaught Error: This socket is closed.”, source: events.js (85)

it can help ?


Try launching the Keybinding Resolver from the Command Palette and then pressing Return in an editor window and tell us what the Keybinding Resolver says. It should show something like this:


It seems to be the emmet package, insn’t it ?

Disabled the pakage resolve the probleme !

Thanx a lot !