The forum is filled with spam, is there a report button?

Is there a report buttom for all the spam posts?

Here are a few:

(Remove the ZZZZ, the forum software doesn’t let me post links because apparently I could be a spammer :rofl: ) removed it now that it allows me to

There is a flag button behind the ... icon next to the like / link buttons on each message. I don’t know if new accounts can access it or not though.

I tend to flag everything I see, but I don’t recall seeing all those posts. Maybe I was just inactive those days.

Edit: Oh wait, I filter out uncategorized messages. So that’s why I don’t see them.

I don’t have a ... here. Must be another of these “protection mechanisms” against evil new users, oh well

(for reference). Also looks like a flag button exists for an entire post.

I joined today and I can flag.