The first thing you ver wrote

I made this topic out of fun and I just wanted to know to any of the programmers here if the first thing they ever wrote Hello World


Hi there!

I think the first program I ever wrote (that compiled) was printing Hello World in Java for my AP CS class.
Something along the lines of

public static void main(String[] args)
    System.out.println("Hello world");

I remember not understanding most of the syntax and mistyping System.out.println as System.out.printIn and wondering why it wouldn’t compile for the longest time.

wow dude that is so cool

My first program was a prime number search in Fortran. And I forgot to put a loop limit on it, or, more accurately, was too inexperienced to …
Batch running (in background) so I spent the next 30 minutes reading through manuals to find out how to stop a background job.

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:thinking: … thinking back to my Atari … then it would be when a turtle :turtle: drawn “hi” using Logo.

A few years later, I “Howdy’d Y’all”'d via Pascal the same year we founded our high school’s computer club.

The time between was when my knowing(/being fluent in) spoken/written human languages was surpassed by the plethora of more programmatic languages.