The editor has crashed atom ver 1.34.0



Atom Version


My Computer

-. Windows 10 home
-. Intel i7 CPU
-. 32GB RAM
-. x64 

Tried, But Failed Solution

  1. Remove Atom Files (+Remove .atom file in user folder), Reinstall Atom
  2. Run Atom on Safe mode
  3. Clear state (atom --clear window state)

All Failed. Help me. plz.

If you typed atom --clear window state, you didn’t do it correctly. It’s atom --clear-window-state.

Thanks :slight_smile: But it`s a typo during writing tried solution here.

I solved my problem by deleting some files.

When I tried ‘git add --a or git status’, there are some files that can not be added (I don`t know the reason).
So, I remove the files then Atom works.

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