The editor didn't show up


It’s been a week I can’t use my atom, because this. How can I fix it?. Please I need your help.


What happened just before it started looking like that? What happens if you start Atom from the command line with atom --clear-window-state?

When you see that red circle with an X in it, that means there’s an error message. The contents of the error message can help us identify exactly what is breaking Atom. Additionally, please post screenshots instead of photographs. It’s much harder to read screen text through a photo. On Windows, I use ShareX, which is open-source and has a whole lot of features to make capturing your screen easy.



Please answer the questions I asked you. If it’s a LessError, then that suggests that something is wrong with styles.less. Did you change anything there?


Did you get it fixed? Looks to me you have developed tools selected as new screen. Check view and add welcome screen to see if that changes.


This sort of bug happens when Atom runs into a problem with generating its display that it doesn’t know how to handle. It isn’t a choice available to users, and it’s not a result of opening the developer tools.