The cursor disappears


I’m having this problem, the cursor disappears many times, for example when i do culomn selection, or typing arabic, and lately when using emmet, and maybe othertimes.

atom version: 0.106
os: ubuntu 14.4


Can you replicate this behaviour running atom --safe ?


Yes, It’s also happening when running atom --safe. Specifically when I do column selection or when typing in Arabic language.


See this other topic for discussion of bi-directional support. Last I checked it isn’t implemented in Atom. I’m not even sure that RTL editing is supported.


Actually, Atom does handle the RTL text better than sublime. You can see in the picture how the Arabic text “appears” perfectly:

Anyway, the “hiding cursor problem” does happen also when I do column selection using the keyboard!


Thanks for the screenshot @majebry! This is really cool. I’m constantly amazed at how far things have come in my career.

With regard to your issue though, have you followed the steps in the Debugging document? And can you supply the following information?

  • Which version of Atom you are running now?
  • Can you replicate the issue after completely exiting Atom and restarting with atom --safe?


Oh! I just discovered that the problem happens precisely when holding ALT key, and there is an issue opened for that:

Generally, Yes It’s an amazing work! RTL support may still need some improvement, but I’m always hopeful about what you can do guys. Thank you!