The "Atom Framework"


I just - finally - activated my invite, downloaded Atom and…wooooow, it looks and works amazing! But due to my nature as an explorer, I soon found out that this nice software supports C/C++, ObjC/ObjC++ and Make. Sho, this is one great editor!

But I also found the Atom Framework.
The structure it uses gave it away; its a modded Chromium Embedded Framework - but it obviously got enhanced - and somehow, you integrated nodejs. At least I cant seem to find any separate executable, other than the usual helpers that are required. So I wanted to ask: Will the Atom Framework be released as a source? It would be interesting to studdy, as I am working on a way to create webapps easily; Brackets Shell was another attempt I saw, but it doesn’t work as much as I want it to… So, to create my project, it would be interesting to see how Atom achieved its nodejs integration. :slight_smile:

Kind regards, Ingwie!

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Here’s the only official word so far on this:

I highly recommend checking out node-webkit if you’re interested in hosting HTML/JS in a native app shell. It has a similar architecture: Chromium + Node, with Node APIs accessible very directly. But it’s more open-source then Atom and more general-purpose than brackets-shell. It should be fairly stable and well documented, as it’s already in use by a wide variety of apps.

- Peter