The atom documentation has a redirect loop


If I go to I get "This webpage has a redirect loop" (with a slash) works

Also there’s a bunch of improperly / non- parsed markdown in the API docs, and I can’t link to a particularly bad example (KeymapManager) because it uses framesets and doesn’t even have any hash urls. Oh wait, if you click on “Biscotto” it goes to a much better docs viewer with proper urls: here’s some dense markdown
I have some other gripes with this Biscotto thing, but redirect loops are more important.


Recently the top of each doc page where there is a general discussion and events listed has lost all line endings. It is one continuous blob.


@thedaniel, can you help us out on this?


Sure thing. I just got back from vacation. I’ll take a look at it as soon as I get a chance.


Notably works fine.


Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting.