The atom crashed for big projects on startup

I used Atom to view the source code of php, but it always crashed on the startup.
“Close window” and “Reload” did no help, I had to chose “Keep it open” and came to a empty window but the menu bar. Seems all menu items didn’t respond but the “File” -> “New Window”.

After click on “File” -> “New Window”, a new normal window opened and I could change settings and close the old window and reopen the project in the new window.

Where can I get some useful logs?

It shown the editor before the crash pop up.

All community packages have been disabled and the crash is still there.

Does it only crash when you have a whole lot of files open as shown in that screenshot, or every time you open that folder?

If you accidentally open too many files for Atom to handle, you can always start it from the command line with atom --clear-window-state to tell it to forget all of that.

I think I can try your solution next time it crashes.

The crash came again just now and I tried to start atom with argument --clear-window-state, it finally works. Thank you so much.

It happens occasionally, not every time.

Does it lag at all before the crash, or is it very sudden?