Thanks for wasting my time


How is this different from Adobe’s Brackets, which is FOSS, works on more platforms than Mac, and is seemingly just as extensible?


On behalf of the entire community, I’m so sorry we forced you to try it. Here, have this platypus:


You didn’t force me to try it. You couldn’t force me to try it even if you pointed a gun to my head. I don’t have a Mac. But the fact that it was Mac-only was conveniently left off the beta invite or beta sign-up. So only after I’d clicked the link, signed in, and authorized the beta, was I informed that I was not allowed to try this.

I’m used to it. I’m on T-Mobile so I don’t get the coolest phones.

I use Windows and Linux, so I don’t get all the cool iOS apps or MacOS apps.

It’s okay. Just let me know you discriminate against people like me so I can avoid you.

Don’t tell me “come try our cool new editor” and then be all “psych! it’s only for cool Mac users, WinNerd!”

I mean, when the volunteer group I started taught 80 kids computer programming this morning, we didn’t discriminate. We only teach curriculum that runs on all major PC platforms. We try to include everyone. We have Linux, Windows, and Chromebook loaners too for the kids whose parents can’t afford a laptop.

Hey, but thanks for the platypus.


Noone really gets why they insist on perfectionizing the Mac Version before releasing open beta for linux/windows. You really can’t tell me it’s a major task to port the core to Linux seeing that the base (chromium) is already there.

But well, noone really understands how the licensing is supposed to work later too, so I it is consistent at least.:wink:


I totally get why they insist on perfecting the Mac version before releasing to Linux at least. If you look at this thread of people that are asking to test the Linux version:

which is at 45 responses, let’s say half of those are truly unique versions of the OS. That is an explosion of a test surface. Sure, they can get it to build … they’ve proven that with a screenshot:

But there is a big difference between building and being usable. Just take a look around the forum for threads on hangs, CPUs running amok and other issues that they already have just on the Mac. I don’t blame the Atom team in the slightest for wanting to hold down the feedback to a dull roar instead of an avalanche.

And Windows is a different beast. So if someone doesn’t understand why they would want their ducks in a row before tackling that, I would suspect they hadn’t done a lot of cross-platform development :grinning:


I can understand your frustration and can see how someone might see this as an intentional slight. You are blowing it out of proportion by calling it “discrimination” because the Atom team didn’t say that you’re “not allowed to try this”, the Atom team said that they’re not ready for you to try this right now. You’re right that this could have been made more clear and perhaps the miscommunication might not have carried so much sting for you.

I apologize that this has been frustrating for you. Let’s try to keep things civilized and constructive instead of inflammatory though, ok?


How is this constructive to the success of Atom? I’m sorry we’ve upset you with our program, but I don’t think it warrants you the right to rant on our discussion board. Your title “Thanks for wasting my time” implies we made you look at our program. However, you also state this:

So did we are did we not waste your time?

I also see you have a slight bias against Apple. That’s fine – I don’t care for them as a company too much either. However, you’ve extrapolated that and have forced on us that veil that we are some sort of elitists. But I also want to point out the fact that you believe we are discriminating by leaving out Windows users.

If you want to know the truth, I’m an intern at a small company in the middle of East Texas. We don’t have extra money and we don’t run fabulous hardware. I make less than minimum wage trying to make a name for myself and I can barley afford to put fuel on my car. The only reason I can check out Atom is by borrowing my sister’s laptop.

And might I mention (since you brought up how undiscriminating you are when teaching), I teach robotics to the kids in my town on a shoestring budget only as an extra-curricular.

The point is, please don’t be so entitled about what you’ve just been given. It’s not yours and your not the only person we are catering to. In fact, shame on you for belly-aching about it on the internet. Have you nothing else to do? If you read through the discussions before speaking yourself, you would have seen when the Windows version will be released, why Atom is different, and how you could have contributed your own input to make Atom unique. This thread was never going to be constructive from the beginning, so why is it sill open?

I apologize to the mods for breaking several guidelines by posting this. I understand that I’m no longer contributing but rather forcing the discussion boards into a negative theme and I’m willing to accept discipline for my actions.


No, it is my fault. I should have just followed my first instinct and locked the thread. This is all going down the wrong path. Let’s start over. The mission of the board is to help people try out Atom and to give feedback to the development team. This thread is helping neither of those.

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