Thank You for the Badge


I posted this on the Atom Slack, but I feel that does not do what I need to say justice.

I wanted to thank the Atom team at GitHub for sending out that badge for contributing to Atom 0.X. Because of it there is something tangible for the work I’ve contributed to the open source software community throughout high school. This is very helpful when applying for colleges because it is an award of sorts, something colleges ask for in the admission process.

It’s been hard explaining what I do everyday to my college counselor, and even harder expressing it on applications which ask for work experience and volunteer work. Because programming for open source isn’t technically a job, nor is it technically volunteer work. But with the Atom Badge I can say that I’ve received recognition from an actual organization, thanking me for what I do.

And because of that, I wanted to say Thank You to everyone on the Atom team.