Textmate themes ported to Atom


I’ve ported over 2 new Textmate themes over to Atom. You can find them here:


These are great, I’ve posted them on the Atom Themes Tumblr I started.


@rpowelll awesome thanks mate…


I generalized the topic. Also, should we have a “themes” category? People do love them some themes…


I think we should have a category for themes, yes :star2:


@codinghorror thanks for setting up the themes category…


Do you have any advice for porting TextMate themes in general? I’ve just converted the Multimarkdown bundle, but it doesn’t seem to do much, and there were many escaped and double-escaped characters in the .cson files, one of which caused a problem until deleted.


@DaveEveritt, what you converted isn’t a theme, it is a language package, i.e. a grammar.


Ah. I need to ask this under ‘packages’, then, I guess.


Which you’ve already done with your other topic … since I moved it :smile: