TextMate’s Plain Text mode


A couple of features from TextMate’s Plain Text mode that I miss are

  1. cmd-/ will comment a line using “#” — I think this comes from the comment package, but is super useful when opening UNIX configuration files for which no particular language definition exists or is needed.
  2. URLs are recognised, and placing the cursor inside one and hitting fn-return will attempt to open it

I completely understand if Atom wants to keep its Plain Text mode exactly that, and not pollute it with anything. But if so, how would one go about trying to add this functionality as a local configuration?


Item #2 is pretty easy to solve, the Link package will allow you to launch any http or https link in any file.

As far as #1 goes, there’s some syntax highlighting (for bullets anyway) … even in pure Plain Text files. I think a Pull Request adding simplistic comment support would be appropriate.