Text to the right

I’m new to Atom and after a few weeks of installing it I opened it again to start a project. I write my text for html and the first thing that happens is the text going to the right of the white line in the middle. Text alignment is centered as well. Tried looking for a solution in the View menu but no luck so far.

Help please! I want it back to where it belongs, next to the numbers.

Like this:

Please help!

If you look at the whole screen, you’ll see that the behavior is the same between the tree view and the editor. There’s probably a style rule in your .atom/styles.less file that’s centering all of the text in Atom. You can get to it from the menubar through File -> Stylesheet.... If there’s nothing there, then the style rule is probably coming from a package. Did you originally try to center the text in the tree view?

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Thank you so much, that worked! Went through ‘File -> Stylesheet’ and there were a ton of things already written that I have no clue where they came from. Deleted them all and saved the tab before closing. Problem solved.