Text Rendering in ATOM


Can anyone explain how rendering of text happens in atom and how it varies from one font to other.
Also reference to code , will be helpful. @leedohm


If I’m correct font rendering (all rendering basically) is handled by Chromium. This may be informative:

Also, from that article:

Some parts, like font rendering, must be handled differently for each platform.


So, There is nothing done by atom itself? I was looking into the issues of text rendering, so i was curious to know about it. @braver


All issues I’ve seen so far about font rendering, rendering of specific scripts, etc. have all been directly tied to Chromium. Atom does calculations based off that rendering for things like decorations and highlights, but none of the rendering itself. So alignment issues with other elements are usually Atom doing something non-standard, but the rendering of the text itself is all Chromium.


@braver I am unable to reproduce this issue. https://github.com/atom/atom/issues/3821
Can you help, how to reproduce this and why it’s happening?


I’m no expert on text rendering. I’m afraid I have no real insight to provide. If I had some, I probably would have provided it already on the Issues you mention :grinning:


@kevinsawicki Can you help in this. How stuff works on text rendering


@kumarrishav I think the whole point of GSOC is for you to do the research and implement it yourself. If you have a specific question, I’m sure people would be happy to help … but coming in and asking “Please explain this highly complex system to me” when it seems that you have done none of your own research is rather rude.


I had optimizeLegibility in my style file once, and I had the same problem. The ticket explains it thusly:

I set text-rendering: optimizeLegibility; for .editor in styles.less

Is this not enough to reproduce it?