Text indent via tab key not working


Text indent is not working for me if tab key is pressed, Editor:Indent does work though. I am not using Emmet (a problem suggested in a different issue).

This is on MacBook with OS X 10.9.2


Some questions …

  • Can you reproduce the issue when running atom --safe?
  • Are you running my emacs-flow package by any chance? :laughing:
  • If you bring up the Keyboard Resolver with Cmd+. and then press TAB, what is shown?


The keyboard resolver did the trick for me - disabling the snippets module solved my problem.


I also recently ran into this, disabling snippets fixed it for me as well.


Same here, tab key was broken, disabling Snippets plugin fixed it.


Same here. Keyboard resolver says it does “snippets:next-tab-stop”. Should be editor:indent, isn’t it?


The keybinding resolver generally says a lot of things for TAB because a lot of different things use it. But only one binding wins. Which one wins depends on the context. Here’s me just pressing TAB at the beginning of a line:

And this is me pressing TAB after entering something that I know will expand into a snippet:

I haven’t ever been able to duplicate the issue that has been mentioned here. The TAB key has always just worked. (Though as @docbobo mentions, there is a confirmed bug with TAB and Emmet.)


In my case “snippets:next-tab-stop” always wins, no matter where I am. Btw I’ve found that this issue exists only for git-powered projects. Disabling of “Git diff” or “Snippets” plugin fixes this issue.


Ok I’ve removed ~/.atom completely and reconfigured from scratch. Installed same packages, copy-pasted stylesheet/keymap configs and now tab works.

Diff of config folders shows that underscore-plus version in packages dependencies was updated from 1.5.1 to 1.6.1.