Text Editing - Highlighted Text Not Replaced by Key Entry And Other Key Entry Surprises


I am sure this is a deliberate feature. If it is adjustable, fantastic, I just cannot find the adjustment. If there is no adjustment, then, well, I guess one of the benefits of Atom is we all can make our own editions.

The feature I am writing about is the one that does NOT replace highlighted text with key entry. In most circumstances, Atom replaces highlighted text with whatever text you either type or paste.

This is not so bad, because the highlighted text can then be deleted with a single hit of the delete key. But still, my preference would be to disable anticipatory edits. I find it confusing when I hit one key and something besides that key’s character appearing once shows up. Can that be turned off?


The setting is in the core bracket-matcher package, which you can get to through Settings -> Packages, and it applies to all bracketing character pairs. I encourage you to keep it and play with it a bit, though, because I’ve found it to be very convenient for when I need to change a variable to a string or forget to pass something as an object.


Thank you for taking time to respond.

I cannot find Settings -> packages. It might be due to running a non-windows computer. What I have found so far is Preferences -> Packages.

This is what comes up

Found Bracket Manager

Unchecking the box indicated in the image above resolved the problem I was having when opening this thread. Unfortunately, however, there is a new problem with bracket matching. It works for some tags but not others. I thought the best way to communicate the problem is with a brief video made from my screen. This video is sixty seven seconds and shows what I am seeing. The video is an .mp4 file. Volume warning: video starts a little loud.


Nobody’s ever told me it was different, but that makes sense. I grew up using both Mac and Windows computers, so I think I have the implicit assumption that they’re always synonymous.

Unfortunately, however, there is a new problem with bracket matching. It works for some tags but not others. I thought the best way to communicate the problem is with a brief video made from my screen.

I don’t know what’s up with your tag matching. This is what I see:

Could you share your code file with me?


I put the file into a zip you can download from this link. That is very generous of you to take the time to try the file on your installation.

On a separate matter, sort of, there is a secret I hope you will let me in on. How did you make the gif in your post? I love simplicity and small file size.

Any issue Atom has with my php seems likely to trace to the linter using a php.ini file for the command line php on my local machine, whereas the php scripts are written for another environment.


I don’t know why your bracket matching is creating a magenta highlight on one end. This is what I see when I move the cursor over the same tags:

For all of my screen capture needs, I use an open-source program called ShareX. I have a Puush account, so everything I capture gets automatically uploaded with a URL pushed to my clipboard. The forum software is cool enough that it automatically interprets image URLs and replaces them with the embedded image, so it takes exactly two steps to capture and post something.


@danallen can you please try safe mode? Open Atom from the Terminal using atom --safe.

Also, I noted that all the examples that didn’t work were single-line. If safe mode still doesn’t work, does changing the tags to span multiple lines make bracket-matcher recognize the tags?

And awesome intro music in that video :grin:.


Thank you so much! I didn’t know about ShareX, and I’ve been looking for a good gif capture tool on Windows forever.

I’ve been using greenshot for screenshots and gifcam for gifs, but this replaces both (and does better quality gifs).


Yeah, ShareX has been amazing for me. There are so many features and using it is effortless.


Unfortunately, ShareX does not run on osx (Mac). I have windows running as a virtual machine, I am going to try it there and see how that goes. Thank you for letting me know about this product.


Will respond shortly. I have a different issue now that I need to document before responding.


The problem has stopped occurring. I don’t know why. If it recurs, I will try safe mode then.