Text drag and drop by default?

Hey guys, I love the atom editor and how many of just the right features it offers.

One of the missing features though is the ability to simply drag-drop text. It is already in other editors and it does not detract from user experience (use it if you want, don’t use it if you don’t)

It is useful because you often want to drag and drop elements around. Lets say you make a div by typing “div”, and then want to drag the closing to encapsulate another element.

Or just to drag and drop elements around. Atm you need to use a lot of Ctrl+X, Ctrl+V for and that is not very handy.

There are two extensions that do this, but NONE of them work.

I’m sorry if this is the wrong forum to post in. I want to post it in “new features” but it won’t let me. Understandably, because I’m a noob on the forums. But this is such a simple and a sort of “must have” feature that I thought I will give it a go. Thanks!