Text disappearing and moving to the top


OS: OSX 10.9.4
Atom: 0.124.0
Issue: When the cursor clicks on a line of text, the text disappears and moves to the top


Sorry that screenshot doesn’t seem to work.
Have you done the usual, e.g. running atom in safe mode (atom --safe), checked the repository for similar issues having been reported etc.?


It is a fresh install of Atom and this problem still occurs.
In safe mode it works as it should. Why does it not open in safe mode from the applications folder?

I have updated all my packages (the ones that we preinstalled for me) and now it works fine.


Good stuff. :thumbsup:
Packages are necessarily lagging behind the frequent changes of the core code and APIs. It’s always advisable to get fully updated when you encounter an issue, then rule out that it’s some package’s problem (via safe mode) and if that still fails, open an issue on the respective repository.

Not a mac user, others may have the answer to that one.


I’m not sure I understand the question. Safe mode is a method of launching Atom that (in the master branch version) does two things:

  1. Does not load any third-party packages
  2. Does not run the init.coffee script on launch

Making Atom launch in safe mode when clicking the icon and not in safe mode when launching from the command line wouldn’t be a good idea because the 90% case is that you want your third-party packages and init script to be loaded. Making an explicit switch for this mode, which is specifically for debugging purposes, is the best option.


I thought he might mean that safe mode doesn’t work for him when he runs it from that folder?
Might have misunderstood.