Text copied in Atom won't paste in other applications


Text copied in Atom cannot be pasted into other applications.

I select the text I want to copy, and press Ctrl-C (the default key binding). The Key Binding Resolver shows this:

✓ core:copy   body                        /usr/share/atom/resources/app/keymaps/linux.json
× native!     body .native-key-bindings   /usr/share/atom/resources/app/keymaps/linux.json

So is the problem that Atom has replaced the OS native copy/pasting functionality? Is this a bug, or a “feature”?

I am able to copy/paste as normal when it’s all within Atom – copying from a document in Atom and pasting elsewhere in the same document, or in another file opened with Atom. I can even copy text from other applications and paste in Atom (usually – sometimes it doesn’t work either). But trying to paste in gedit and Firefox does nothing. Actually, trying to paste test from Atom into Krita, a KDE painting app, actually causes Krita to crash.

I’m using Atom 0.189 on Ubuntu 14.04 x64. I have several Atom packages installed – some syntax highlighters, sort-lines, and Emmet, with only minimal changes to the keymaps and user stylesheet – but this is a problem for me even with Atom running in “safe mode,” with community packages disabled.


If you search for “ubuntu copy paste” you’ll see this post from yesterday:

which states that this was fixed in v0.190.0.

Since this is a duplicate topic, I’m closing it in favor of the original.

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