Testing with Travis


How do other package devs out there do CI for their packages? I’ve seen some packages with Travis-CI configurations that seem to download a private script in order to run their tests. Is that the only way to run specs on a service like Travis? Am I missing something obvious?

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The Atom team is working on a way to get Atom packages working with Travis. Some people have found some workarounds at the moment, but we are trying to get an official solution sorted out.


Thanks @ProbablyCorey :smile: Good to know an official solution is being worked on.


Awesome, I’ll be keeping an eye out for this.


Very interested in hearing from anyone who has implemented a Travis workaround, until the official solution is released. My package requires external tools (e.g. go, goimports, and golint) so I will likely have to deviate from the ‘official’ solution anyway to bootstrap those.


Now official http://blog.atom.io/2014/04/25/ci-for-your-packages.html


Yay! Thanks @AbeEstrada! :smiley:


Hurray: https://travis-ci.org/joefitzgerald/go-plus (!)…

A few extra tips:

Thought that might help others who execute external processes from their package :smile: