Testing electron apps


Hi guys, I am new to JS and electron in general, always been a back end dev using languages such as java and C#, I briefly worked on an older Perl project as well.

I have been tasked to create tests for one of our newer apps made in electron, I know that it is a JS program using a chromium core, and there is a testing framework for it called spectron. When I checkout the documentation, it seems to tell me that I can only use JavaScript bindings that it provided to test electron with selenium. My question is, is there a way I can use selenium webdriver with C# to test an electron app instead of using JavaScript? Do I have a choice here?


I guess you can do it to use C# + WebDriver to inspect to HTML elements.
btw, it may not be able to access some internal electron APIs which is provided by Spectron e.g. remote objects.

also, you potentially lose the benefits of cross-platform to run test with Linux/macOS in case that C# + Selenium does not support in these OSs.


I guess the best way to test it is still using the JS binding that comes with spectron, right?