Test automation in Atom package?

I’m using Atom as an editor for some files in my own format. I’ve also created my own package to display the results of processing these files on the server. In one of the panels that display the data, there are multiple buttons that can manipulate the displayed results. There was not a problem to test data fetching functionality(I used Jest).

Now I want to test the GUI part by creating some automation tests. And here comes my question, what would be the way to create these tests?


There are a number of external tools I have explored which can be leveraged to navigate the GUI elements. But first … Windows/Linux/Mac? … or are you looking for cross platform test environment?

I’m using Windows

I am on Ubuntu.
You can interact with external automation scripts which hunt for various elements in GUI. Actiona (which I use often and integrates with Atom in a toolchain) works across Windows/Linux.
AutoHotKey is Windows only.
If you prefer to stay within Atom ecosystem you might try TrueAutomation package.
Then there is selenium.
And must not forget Figma.