Terrible performance: How to track down?


Since a couple of days, I am facing severe performance issues in Atom. The editor gets slower and slower over time, so I have to reload it to continue working. When I re-opened Atom in the morning today, it was completely unresponsive or a minute or so.

How can I track down these problems without disabling each and every package manually? Is there a kind of “startup time report”?


The Flight Manual has a whole section on debugging Atom. The initial step is to open Atom in safe mode (open the command line and use the command atom --safe). That will disable all packages and your init script and give us more insight into whether a package might be at fault or not.

There is also a startup time report, in the built-in package timecop. By default, you can get to it through Packages -> Timecop -> Show.


Thanks for the info. According to the timecop, the culprit seems to be Nuclide. My total startup time was 25 seconds on my MacBook Pro 2015, which is way to much if you ask me.

Here’s an excerpt of the stats: